Buckets, gallons, waterfalls of ran fell nonstop yesterday.  The culvert filled and the ducks sallied forth swimming.  Watched, “Interview with the Vampire,” all the way through and actually enjoyed it.  Glad however, Lestat was Lestat and no on else played him but Cruise; it was Louis’ movie, ergo, Pitt’s.  Pitt walked out of the old Coliseum theater towards the end; remembered when all the neighborhood theaters were ablaze each night, and could practically smell the popcorn.  Don’t see what the big woo was about Lestat, or maybe it was Cruise’s interpretation.  Louis was the more fascinating, as was Armand.  Still don’t see what was so incredible about this story, although I loved the New Orleans themes, but overall it made two hours go by quickly with good performances by Pitt, Banderos and Dunst.

Will skip the physical unpleasantries of the night.

The day has dawned cold, and glorious, with a strong Northeastern wind blowing.  You can tell we are moving towards summer, even though right now the wind through the opened window of the Ernest Hemingway room is blowing deliciously through my hair cooling me because the sunrises have moved from my back porch, rising in the seemingly east as I face south, to the front porch in the East as I go out there and face north/  This one was a beauty–rose and apricot and mauve and lavender, and a golden light bathed the building behind the place where Mom and I once lived.  It’s actually flannel shirt weather again; I always said we get one more cold front in April before spring actually arrives and it seems that front is here.  Won’t mind,however, if more days like this one dawn until at last it’s time for swimming.