Still sleepy this morning.  I’m glad it’s Thursday and the weekend is near.   Going to look for rubber exercise bands for this back and leg situation.  Estimate ability to swim is maybe a month–six weeks away.

Went home yesterday evening and did what I thought I never would…I hung “Louisiana” on the wall in the living room-dining area where I have others paintings, and do you know, the colors really drew everything together.  So, I won’t frame it, but will paint the sides which I like better than frames, and keep the crazy little thing up there.  Really feel like doing more painting but I need more canvases.

Had the most pleasant little surprise this morning.  I haven’t yet transplanted my news herbs to the pots I bought for them, but there on my little lavender plant are two buds waiting to bloom.  It would make me so happy to be able to have a constant pot of blooming lavender.

Lethargic this morning.  Hope I perk up soon.