I’m beginning to sound like Joe Pesci, starting every line with, “okay.” But, okay.  I am against abuse of any woman, child, man in any form.  It has no place anywhere, unless it is self-defense and then that can’t be called abused.  But I will address my carefully thought out opinion about what happened to Michelle Fields and her alleged charges against Trump’s campaign manager, Cory Lewandowski.  Trump released the overhead video himself from his victory party in Florida.  I also heard her orignial tape when it happened, she didn’t know who had grabbed her, a Washington Post reporter told her it was Cory and they both more or less stated she had been flung down.  The video refutes that she was flung down.  It shows him reaching towards her but in close proximity to all are Secret Service men.  It is a misdemeanor to touch anyone.  She has bruises on her forearm.  Having said that, the video clearly shows that she initially grabbed Trump by the arm to get his attention and had a pen, two things that are off limits with candidates under Secret Service guard.  Perhaps Lewandowski acted on reflex to protect Trump, but he did not fling that woman to the ground.  So, my point is this:  if she had Lewandowski arrested for grabbing her arm, then Trump should have her arrested for grabbing his arm.  And I might also say this, as someone who is a writer and journalist, who has sometimes covered stories in a huge crowd, hell, even someone who has been in a huge crowd on Bourbon Street on Mardi Gras, it’s all part of the territory to get jostled, bumped and if you’re grabbing someone you’re not supposed to, you need to be pulled away as a possible security risk.  I’ve had people deliberately hit me with doors in a shopping mall, bump my ankles with shopping carts to be smart ass and what happened to this woman pales in comparison to that and some of the other things I’ve seen.  Doesn’t make it right, but I feel this is being blown way out of proportion because it is Donald Trump and to press charges against this man is over the top.  She is a reporter; if I were a reporter in the throng and this happened when I was overstepping the boundaries, part of me would feel I asked for it; and a few female reporters have said that it’s all in a day’s work.  I’m thinking about Angela Hill who fell under gunfire in Beirut; the CBS reporter who suffered terrible sexual abuse in the Mid East.  I haven’t heard them belly aching nearly as much as Fields is.  I think she made a big deal out of nothing and is scurrying to save face.  It’s a presidential race and lots of crazies out there and if you see a candidate being grabbed by someone you don’t recognize, perhaps instinct kicked in.  Equally sickening to me is the way the self-righteous drivel has immediately spewed forth from both  Cruz and Kasich about this.  Trump has a target on his back; if this had happened to Obama, this woman would have been deemed a threat and it would have gone no further.  And that’s from someone who would break a flower pot over a man’s head if he tried to hurt me.