If it didn’t rain Good Friday, it is certainly raining today, Easter Sunday.  Don’t mind at all.  Still dark, just getting a little bit lighter.

The service last night was very beautiful.  The procession into the dark church with people lighting candles from each others,’ the hymns, music, and the warmth of the choir members.  Shirley, an alto, without my asking, sat beside me a little bit before the service, knowing that I had not been at rehearsals and gave me some hints about the musical pieces; very appreciative for that.  It was a long service, started at 8PM, ended after ten and I didn’t get home until 10:30; yawning, but not ready for bed.  I had left the lights on the back porch when I left and when I drove past my own place I was startled to see how beautiful it looks from the street.  Mostly white lights, but for Lent, I left the purple on, just two strands and it’s lovely among the white.  And Lord, was it hot in those robes!!  And I wore my newer boots and standing so much that disjointed toe also started singing.  But came home, washed my face, got into my jammies, had some ice cold wine–Soave I deliberately left in the freezer to make sure it was good and cold, settled down and watched–“Stagecoach” and finally cooled off and went to  bed.

I started cooking early, because I’d like to rest the remainder of the day.  When I washed my artichokes this morning, the freshest smell came from them, and now, as they’re cooking, they smell like flowers!  Going to make a meatloaf for the week, but today it will be the  veal, asparagus with Hollandaise, eggplant, green beans and artichokes.  An almost green  supper!  But fresh, renewing, springlike, like Easter.  Happy Easter!