Alternate sunny, overcast day, overcast now.  Cooked Mom’, or tried to cook Mom’s snapbeans smothered down with ham seasoning, onion and potatoes this afternoon.  An Easter tradition to eat tomorrow.  Bought asparagus, artichokes, I have an eggplant, and please don’t have a cow, no joke intended but I’m marinated two lean veal chops in garlic, seasoning and wine that I will cooked with mushrooms tomorrow.  Cleaned the kitchen, mopped the floor, and caught the last half of a movie I enjoyed, and want to see in its entirety, “Big Eyes.”  All about those ghastly painting about those ET-eyed waifs from the sixties that I hated even back then as a kid.  But this was a really good story about how that man claimed all the credit for painting them and it was his wife all along.  Christoph Waltz laid it on a bit thick, but that may have been the real character of the man.

Going to have a hamburger for dinner, and then get ready to the Easter vigil Mass tongiht.  Again, I’m glad I sang with the choir yesterday.  And I’m glad I will be there tonight.  Only drawback is that since this is a Holy Day we wear the choir robes and they are very warm.  And today I couldn’t get cool for anything, even turning the AC down to 65 and finally jjust washed my hair in ice cold water and laid under the ceiling fan with wet hair.  This afternoon I dyed Easter eggs simply because I haven’t done it in so long.  But the kit doesn’t include the wax crayon anymore, so I couldn’t write names on them as we used to.  They look very pretty in a yellow bowl.  Had to pick up a prescription for the anti-inflammatories, which, unfortunately, upon awakening this morning, really needed.  And although I just one of OPI New Orleans Collection polishes, typing now with swamp green nails, I couldn’t resist getting another one.  There was a really pretty purple one called, “Show Us Your Tips.”  ( I think that’s very funny> but I have purple, and for some reason the Muffaletta one so pretty didn’t sing to me today.  So I bought this really cook, very silver metallic one called, “Take a Right on Bourbon.”  Will do that one later in the week.

Oh, yesterday receiving Communion at Good Friday service, felt my dear one walk with me and this time I laid a hand on his cheek.  Just thought how absolutely beautiful it would be if you were in the congregation tonight.  The ceremony starts in darkness and we all light a candle.  Not going to tell you what I pray for; because I know that perverse side of you knowing will do the opposite just to show God.  So I pray in secret, and what I pray for may completely surprise you, and just think, you’ll never know when to be oppositional or when not to be.  I wonder if that might drive you crazy?