Here I was just thinking this morning to the Lord that nothing ever surprising happens to me and that I’m becoming an old stick in the mud.

Went to St. Catherine’s for the Good Friday service and as I walked up the aisle, saw all my old choir members assembled.  I was so glad at the sight of them, so glad to see them all looking so well, that I went up to them to say hi.  It was so warming how glad they were to see me. Stephanie, the choir director hugged me, as did a few others.  I told them about my voice and they still asked me to join them for Good Friday and told me they really needed me.  So I did, and when I sat down among them again I felt I was in the right place I needed to be.  We were all mutually so glad to see each other.  And I sang with them, and lo and behold, can’t seem to stop using that phrase today, my voice came out with power; it was a bloody miracle.  So, they said I could sing the Easter Vigil with them tomorrow night at 8PM–this is the canticle I love that we don’t sing, but the cantor, especially when he talks about the wax candles, the work of bees…Well, this is all just very surprising and unexpected and I’m so glad it happened.  I sang, I really sang!

You know, Mom told me Aunt Cal had a very fine singing voice; that she used to sing solos on open mic nights back in WWII.  And Daddy had a beautiful bass voice; one day when I was still in River Ridge, I was walking along the levee looking at the river thinking I was alone and I started singing,”Ole Man River” in an imitation of Daddy’s bass; a young adorable African American girl came jogging up behind me and I didn’t see her until she passed and she just looked at me, grinning.

“The Passion of the Christ” won’t be on tonight; they started showing it at 3PM, but I am taping it.  Oh, golly, I know I sound crazy, but I am so happy!