It rained and stormed most of today, felt like it should have been Good Friday instead.  Actually overslept to 5:40 AM this morning.  Goodness, what happened?  But I awakened tired!

Had an interesting conversation with a new lab tech named Michael who told me he was born in England, his mother was from New Orleans, and he lived in the US most of his life, hence no accent.  He told me he had been born in Liverpool, and I cried, “You’re a Liverpudlian!”  And of course I had to ask him all about the Beatles tour of Liverpool.  And I really always wanted to know so I asked him if the River Mersey was pretty or not.  He said it was lovely and surprised me by adding it’s a lot like the Mississippi–he said that Liverpool is very much like New Orleans, a river town, tourism is its biggest industry, the people have the same kind of funky sense of humor, and attitude about life.  He said he feels lucky to be in New Orleans because it’s as close to Liverpool as any city he ever knew.

Are you as far away as you feel, and should I even be asking that?