Honestly, I was afraid of this, yet still dismayed someone stooped to it, but I should be surprised.  Part of Ted Cruz Super Pac ran a disgusting ad of Trump’s wife Melania posing for GQ when she was a model.  It said something like, meet your next first Lady, or…vote for Ted Cruz.  Okay.  Trump shot back and I don’t blame him.  But here are the points I’d like to make about all this.  Cruz is claiming he knew nothing about the ad.  Just as he knew nothing about the lies Carson was dropping out of the race before Iowa, the lies that came from his campaign manager that Rubio was making fun of the Bible on Cruz’s father’s restaurant table; and other instances. Now this.  I’m sure the Mormons ate this up as a reason not to vote for Trump and they didn’t.  I don’t believe Cruz knew nothing about this latest low down trick to use a candidate’s spouse to try and hurt him.  And with all the dirty tricks involved, what kind of low lifes support this man.

Now. I saw the photo shoot of Melania in GQ.  There is no overt nudity but the suggestion of nudity in one or two shots.  Some of the things she wears are revealing, but not overtly revealing.  I’ve seen photoshoots of models similar to this in Vogue, Vanity Fair.  It is not pornographic, but it was twisted to further a campaign.  I’ve seen similar things in Bond movies.  Some people are attacking her character as a poor representative of America as possible first lady.  So I’ll look at what I know of her character.  She is very intelligent.  She is obviously beautiful.  She worked as a model to put herself through school to study architecture.  She was grateful to earn money modeling because, as she said, it did allow her  to complete her studies and to help her parents.  Today she has her own successful businesses, and is heavily involved in charity work.  Gerald Ford was a model.  Ronald Reagan was a movie star.  Both were photographed topless.  Melania was not.

If Cruz were any kind of a man, he would denounce and condemn this ad.  Even if he had nothing to do with it, he should apologize for something so low down that was done in his name.  But so far he hasn’t.  I don’t like him and I don’t want him as president.  More and more, I unconsciously find myself rooting for Trump.  It’s an almost from my gut reaction.