Awakened very early again, no pain. No pain.  Arose, turned on the news apres matins and there was pain in the form of seeing the reports about the terrorist attacks in Brussels.  I’m so sorry if I shock someone but Trump is quite right about appropriately vetting people coming into this country, and Europe had better buckle down as well.  When I heard 23 people were killed it made me so sick.  Then I hear that Bam-Bam, who is in Cuba kissing up to those tyrants, the leader, R. Castro who didn’t even meet him at the airport, tells these mother dogs to let the US know when we are making mistakes.  Geez, really?  That’s like asking the devil to tell you how to get to heaven.  Always apologizing for America, the little toady.  London and most of Europe went into its highest security alert after this tragedy this morning, have to check to see what the bright lights of the Obama Administration are advising the US today because of it…wouldn’t surprise me if they didn’t tell us to just lie down in front of the oncoming ISIS train…but no, then they would have to deviate from their workplace violence smokescreen.  Death toll in Brussels is now up to 31 with over 180 wounded.   All done by a bunch of twisted little punks.

Don’t know if it’s because my adrenaline started flowing at the news, but I thawed out a huge pack of chicken tenders that would spoil if I didn’t cook it; so, washed the chicken at 4AM, and remembered a delicious dish Mom used to make with pasta…she’d chopped a humongous amount of garlique that she would drop into pan-seared chicken, add spices and liquid and just simmer down until it made a delicious golden sauce and the chicken was tender to almost break apart.  Smelled heavenly cooking in the dark morning; cooked some pinwheel pasta to go with it.  Will have this tonight with roasted broccoli.  Made a gorgeous salad for lunch today with hearts of Romaine, red peppers, sliced multi-colored carrots and oven fried chicken strips that I also cooked this morning.  Then I sliced an apple, placed it in a bowl with cinnamon, a little water and brown sugar, and since I didn’t have time to bake it I nuked until soft and flavorful.  Made buttery (Smart Balancey) French toast and then poured the apple over it…delicious.  Heck, I was a cooking machine this morning.

Remembering George My Boy Will’s outrage, as only George Will can be outraged when someone mucks up history, I went to the back of, “Killing Reagan” and read the sources he used for his material.  As I often say, I burst out laughing.  One of them was Kitty Kelly!  Oh, Lord, the Grand Poobah of Tabloid Meard!  Oh, Bill, you rogue, you had me going, you really had me going!  Just very glad I check your book out of the library and didn’t spend my hard-earned cash buying it!  Me thinks Bill has a touch of the Blarney when it comes to writing these books.