7AM Palm Sunday Mass at St. Catherine’s was completely beautiful.  Got two beautiful palm fronds, one for the picture of the Sacred Heart in the foyer, the other for the picture of the Blessed Mother in my bedroom that was once Mom’s…I bought it for her after Earl destroyed her version of it, bless his little heart.  Felt my dear companion walk up to Communion with me and in my mind, laid my head on his shoulder.  What was my vision this morning when receiving the Communion wafer?  At first I saw an inverted Pentagram, a baddie, and then it uprighted itself to the good position and over this a cross appeared and laid over it.  Remember my friend who was mysteriously scratched…she took my advice, as I believe I’ve reported and since then peace has reigned supreme in her home.  The priest she told this about completely believed her.  And gotta tell you something.  Wednesday I performed an Easter duty Mom always reminded me about and went to Confession at St. Catherine’s after work.  And I told the priest what frequently happens when I catch myself messing up…I tell God I’m sorry and I genuinely am, and I always hear this little voice go off in my head after that immediately says, “I forgive you.”  I was confessing to young Fr. Tim, a bit of a father-what-a-waste–black hair, green eyes, young enough to be my son–and he immediately cried, “that’s wonderful because you’re hearing the voice of God tell you he’s forgiven you.  That’s a wonderful thing!”  I was glad he didn’t tell me I was delusional.  Because I know this isn’t a delusion.

The day is as beautiful and uplifting as mighty chords of music from a might pipe organ.  Cold, windy, with beautiful sunlight, a day as clear  cut as Waterford glass.  The windows are all open to it and for the first time since all this back trouble started, I really feel energetic; haven’t taken taken the anti inflammatory nor Somas in two days and feel absolutely no ill effects from my little wine venture yesterday…goodness, those were two delicious bottles of vino, or maybe it’s because I dedicated them to and toasted St. Joseph with them.  I’m glad I did this.

Mary Lynn and I got home from church at the same time and she gave me cabbages her son caught at the St. Paddy’s Day Parade last week, along with the onions, potatoes and turnips he also caught.  So, boys, cabbage is on the menu today, with chicken, and I feel like a lot of salad and veggies today…so will do.  Stopped buying cheese.

Going to try to watch, or at least tape, “The Passion” on Fox tonight.  It will be live from the streets of New Orleans telling the story of Christ’s Passion in contemporary times with contemporary music.  Trisha Yearwood plays Mary.  Tyler Perry said he chose New Orleans as the site for this because he could think of no other city that better understood Resurrection.