And now it’s noon.  Did clean the kitchen and part of the bathroom; house smells like Mr. Clean Gain, woodsy and fresh…tried to run the vacuum cleaner, Lord, can’t.  Carpet sweeper will have to do.

Showered, dressed, put on the barest modicum of make-up possible and picked up a few things from Majoria’s.  Was about to head home when I remembered St. Francis Xavier’s St. Joseph’s Altar that I’ve never seen.  The one at St. Joseph’s last year was not accessible to the public, so a lemon could not be filched.  Feel it my duty to inform you that I might no longer be available because, at this most beautiful altar, I was able to filch a lemon with no trouble at all.  There were breads, grapes, dishes, cakes, flowers, burning candles, all so beautiful, over which rose a beautiful picture of St. Joseph holding a lily and the Baby Jesus.  It was lovely, Italian cookies everywhere…but I have to say I’ve never seen so many mean looking old ladies there, honestly.  I honestly believe they deserve the term Mimi used to call them that I won’t repeat except to say the first part was, “Stinky….”  Oh my dear Grandmother!  So deliciously wicked at times…and so good at heart.  I parked in a parking space in the parking lot, let me emphasize parking, got out the car and didn’t know where the altar actually was.  Saw an old lady standing near and I asked her if she knew where the altar was. Instead of answering me, she retorted, “You parked in a drive-through.!”  I said, “what,” she repeated it in such a nasty way….I looked at my car between two yellow stripes and said, “See the yellow stripes?”  She said, “that’s a drive through!”  I said, “how do you know that?”  “Because I drove through it!”  Afraid to report that, like the time in the parking lot when that man drove his car at me, I was not so pleasant.  I got angry and I  I told her, “Why don’t you mind your own business?!”  Well that slapped her mouth shut.  Honestly.  Stinky….

Was going to eat modestly of salads today because, seriously, the diet needs to start soon, but after all that food at the altar stopped by Canseco’s and bought a bottle of Bardolino, which I love, Pinot Grigio, the love of which has been heretofore chronicled on this site, a crusty loaf of bread and some eggplant parmesan from their kitchen.  I intend to dip the crusty bread into some red wine, a combination I love.  I came home, took my stolen lemon from the altar and placed it encircled by a rosary made of fava beans that one of the owners of Rocky and Carlos Restaurant gave me one Mardi Gras as Kevin’s.  It’s really beautiful.  Rocky and Carlos is a popular eatery down in da parish dawlin’, you know Saint Ba-Nawd.

Going to relax now.  Happy St. Joseph’s Day.  I like to repeat here, my daddy’s first name was Joseph.  And he went by Cyril…had to laugh in “Breaking Away” when the Daniel Stern character’s name was, “Cyril.”  It was droll to hear a teenager called that.  Remember the Richard Jury mystery series of books from the 80’s when the cat kept at the police station was known as, “Cyril,” the cat.