Bummer, it’s Daylight Savings Time.  I want to join the movement to repeal it.  They resurrected this back in the sixties due to the Vietnam war I believe and it needs to go.  Medical facts state that there are more heart attacks during the first three weeks of DST than ever; it is ruinous to our bodies, medically proven, I hate it, please make it go away.  I awakened and rose at 5:20 AM, it was really 4:20 am, and the sun was not even close to rising.  It started rising at 6:40 AM, close to 7 AM, when it was really 5:40.  Hate it hate it hate it.

That said, there is a misty fog that’s settled on the air, in the East, the mist is pink, mauve and rose.  Pretty.

This is going to be a roast beef week. And veggies and rice.

On politics, while I know we all have the right to protest, what happened in Chicago, or should I call it, Thug Town, was a disgrace.  To shut down a rally because of threatened violence is like the youths of Nazi Germany.  There were plenty of different ethnicities present who were undecided who simply wanted to hear what Trump had to say to help  them make up their minds and this was denied them.  This is coming from the generation who needs their safe spaces so they don’t hear something they don’t like; who got participant trophies for losing competitions; you can’t shut people up; I would have no right to shut them up no matter how much I disagree with them; I honestly think Trump is hated by the left because he is standing up to them.  I know the hatred I’ve encountered by lefties when I politely stated opinions about movies, books, authors, and political matters and been accused of being intolerant, jealous, threatened, personally insulted, especially on one particular website…that I thankfully no longer visit…in other words, I was treated with the same type of treatment that I was being accused of…I do think Trump at times needs to tone his rhetoric down, but he is right about illegal immigration, he is right about the government, he is right about businesses going to other countries.  Two weeks ago, three writers from the Wall Street Journal, millennials, I believe were interviewed on FOX.  They said Trump was wrong, business was doing very well in the US and the interviewer asked them how did they reconcile so many American workers losing their jobs  because of companies going to other countries–in other words, it might be good for business given the current American climate of taxation, etc. and at first they couldn’t answer….they were so superior and elite, and then one said, about making American business dance to a certain tune…and yes, that’s the point.  I’ve started praying for Trump’s safety and that of his family.  There is so much wrong and chicanery in this country now; so much leftist crap and anyone who calls these bozoes out becomes a target.  It’s happened to me many times and only stops when you pulls out the big guns and fight back super hard.

By the way, how fulfilled are you feeling by your lefty you know who?