Now don’t get your knickers in a knot, I’m late but not inattentive.

Just to let you know…been awake since 1:30 am; no pain when I awakened.

Watching presently, “Practical Magic,” a guilty pleasure of mine….love the plants, the herbs, the story, that gorgeous house and setting, the aunts’ hats…commercial break now.

Bought a bright green shawl to wear St. Paddy’s Day.  Bought some April Violets soaps from World Market, yummy.  Eating leftover veggie lasagna for dinner, and there’s also spinach quiche.

Ugly gray day; was running errands in Harahan and River Ridge where I spent ten of the most unhappy years of my life and got the heebies jeebies…the minute I turned on Metairie Road,felt the angels welcoming me…gotta go…commercial is over.