Whilst out, I also bought a big blue exercise ball that came with a pump to inflate it.  Joke.  This was a pathetic little squeeze.  Luckily, I bought a bicycle pump, something that comes in handy in the trunk of a car if your tires seem low..no Schitt!

When I was watching Practical Magic, which just ended, a mourning dove lit on my back porch  railing.  I don’t see these as often as I did back at Metairie Plaza…when I heard them constantly, saw them constantly, and they often built nests in the popcorn tree outside my window…that turned so gorgeous, a camphor tree, into scarlet, crimson and gold in the fall.  I came in the Ernest Hemingway Room, where I moved my abstract painting of Louisiana, to enter this, and kept hearing the little mourning cry of the doves…looked out the window and saw two of them pacing along my front porch railing and resting in the palm tree.  God be praised, send me mourning doves, the sweet little things.

Am I a witch?  Not by choice nor by design.  There were things I knew, things I saw by reading Tarot Cards the never seemed a sin to me, because I always blessed everyone with Holy water, encircled the reading with my rosary, and asked only the Holy Spirit to guide my reading, and God the Almighty.  I remember the insults and hostility of my brother and sister-in-law about this during Katrina.  It hurt my feelings because everyone beforehand had told me I had helped them.  And telling these two their house was safe and then having someone who checked verify this…God, is this evil?   I miss reading the cards, I really do.. what would Mom tell me?  There’s someone at work, a Lutheran, who gave me a pack of Tarot cards her Lutheran minister blessed for me, whom I’ve read for, especially pre-Katrina, who told me I have a gift from God.  God, please talk to me, because you know I entreat no one but you to guide me during these readings.  And, Mom swore by them. m What thinkest thous?  What is magic, is it not God above, whose magic gave us the beautyf of the earth and the human soul and the depths of creation….