Being home due to bad weather, I watched my taped version of the last episode of, “The People v OJ Simpson.”  This centered around Marcia Clark and the absolute crap she went through trying this case.  The tabloids centered on her appearance, her boss told her to get a softer look, i.e., the awful perm that she later thankfully changed.  Wear pastels.  The release of the topless picture to the National Enquirer while she was on her honeymoon with her first husband by her vindictive ex mother in law, spurred on by Simpson’s attorney, a collection of dirtbags if ever there was one.  Buying Tampax in a convenient store and having the clerk laugh and tell her that the defense was going to have a bad week…it reminded me of the doctor who started being vulgar with me, to a smaller degree, after I wrote a successful story about his project.  Misogyny.  A man feeling threatened by a women so he has to stoop to things about her appearance, menstrual cycle, sexual things just to keep her in line because, how dare a woman have brains that might be equal–or surpass his?  Or, let’s try and nip her in the bud before she outshines us. Or men stealing a woman’s work and putting their own name on it, or the name of someone else they’d prefer to use.  But men aren’t the only ones who do this, and I know not all men do this, because Clark went through misogyny to the utmost in this case, and I’m not one to habitually cry feminist foul.  But there are women who are also out for the blood of other women in the workplace, the perennial, I never make a mistake, I’m never wrong who make a career out of throwing their coworkers under the bus over nothing, frequently something that’s been already resolved, but they have to bring to the attention of the superiors because out of some misguided sense,they think this bolsters them.  In the cosmic scheme of things, it has never failed by my experience that people such as these sooner or later experiences what goes around comes around, and all their machinations comes around at last to bite them right in the ass and they are the ones left with egg on their face, no matter the self-rightous posturing.  It’s similar to someone who can’t bid someone the time of day, never says thank you, is hostile and rude, and then goes and reports someone because they didn’t say, “please.”