No, I haven’t gone down that road, but I have been having the en vie to paint for some time now.  Realized, superstitious Southern woman that I am, that I have blue in every window of my house, blue to repeal evil spirits because it is the color of water and Gullah tradition says evil spirits can’t cross water, except in the foyer by the front door…that I thought I would just take a blank canvas and paint it in hues of blue and hang it by the front door…well, it being well after lunch time, after I made a really cool veggie lasagna (good Friday during Lent dish) that consisted of multicolored carrots, broccoli, zucchini, mushies, herbed ricotta (herbed by me with pesto,) sun dried tomatoes, I decided to paint.  Fixed a gin and tonic, and yes I have definitely changed my stance and know that limes are much better in this elixir than lemons and set down to paint a plain blue palette.  But what wound up happening is that I created my first, first  mind you, abstract painting ever.  Never painted in this style before, and you know, I’m very pleased with it.  I’ve called it, “Louisiana,” and wish my little digital camera was working because I’d snap a shot of it, post it, and see if you can see why it is thus named.  I did hang it in the hall, alternately seeing its flaw, and then alternately seeing its flow…I like it a lot, and there’s a lot of release painting this way and I might try it again.  There is a lot of haint blue in it, but a lot of other color, and as I was painting this thing, I said, I need to turn it upside down, did so, and it was awesome.  It’s very gray outside, alternate showers, and all and all, a nice day.  Isn’t haint blue a charming term?  Here down in the South, people usually paint the roofs of their porches some shade of light to mid blue-green and it’s lovely.  Need a touch of haint blue for the kitchen but I’m afraid it will clash with what I have going on in there….still want to make a bottle tree.  Do do that voodoo that you do so well.  I needed this little break, you know?  The back pain, months of pain, medications, etc. have effected me.  Amazing thought, again I awakened with no pain, the rebukes are ongoing.  Guess I really love you, you miserable creep.