I’m afraid we’re in for it weather-wise starting around 6PM this evening, lasting well unto tomorrow…tomorrow shows nothings but purple and red blobs on the radar over us; over 40 parishes in Louisiana have already closed it’s offices through Saturday; nothing yet from Tulane re this.  Old Metairie has street flooding a lot and just pray I don’t get caught in it tomorrow, and that, if the weather is going to be so bad, we’re excused from coming into work.

I watched John Kasich last night during one of his Town Hall meetings where he fielded questions from civilians asking very intelligent questions and I truly feel of all the candidates this is the man who deserves most to be president and is what America deserves most as a president.  Of all the candidates, Trump is a proven success business and entrepreneur-wise who has stoked the economy and created jobs; as a politician, Kasich is a proven man with a wonderful track records of successfully implemented programs that had positive impact, cut down on spending yet somehow managed to leave no one out.  He has thoughtful, well-planned solutions that he described in detail last night that went far beyond just intention alone.  He would make a marvelous president and I find it sad that he has gotten so little exposure; however the times he has been in a good debate, or a meeting, he manages to do very well after.  I am so disgusted with Marco Rubio and I cannot stand Ted Cruz who reminds me of a snake oil salesman.  A smarmy snake oil salesman and the mournful preachy tone he speaks in seems so phony to me.

I was hoping to go shopping this weekend but may be housebound due to severe weather.  We’ll see.