On the subject of Ronald Reagan, I would like to address his movie, “Kings Row.”  I watched it again a few weeks ago and have these observations.  This is a masterful movie, a sort of really dark sort of tale, brilliantly directed by someone who drew remarkable peerformances from Ronald Reagan and especially Ann Sheridan.  Robert Cummings was very good but I found him a tad hammy, not so much in his vocal delivery, but his body movements.  I thought the same of his performance in, “Dial M for Murder.”  One of my favorites.  But anyway, this was a darkly brilliant movie, disturbing, but so well done.  Reagan was great in this, as was Sheridan, but I gotta say, Claude Rains, one of the most brilliant actors ever, was quite a standout.  The scene on the porch when he is smoking a cigarette is such a brilliant set up to what is disclosed in the next scene.  Brilliant, subtle, magnificent acting.  He was a treasure.  In all his films.  I love this movie in the way I might love a toothache.  It’s painful, truthful, wrenching, magnificent.

Congratulations on being congratulated on all your actress conquests.  Don’t think it’s much of a statement on your careers, but the status of them all, including the marriage, only suppors a shallow impression I’ve had of you.  Love among the status symbols, the Big Fish to Fry.  And use what you erroneously conceive to be the Little People to elevaeg your magnificence. What the hell would Johnny have said to you re that?