Just want to mention that the wonderful, brilliant George Martin died at age 90 and send out to him a huge thank you for his incredible collaboration with the Fab Four.  Each year they released an album, it seemed their music evolved more and more, especially starting with, “Rubber Soul;” “Revolver:” and ultimately, “Sergeant Pepper.”   The White Album was no slack either.  So I have to post one of my favorite songs from Sergeant Pepper, while I can still remember the day it was released during the summer and we sat riveted to it.  I know the Beach Boys “Pet Sounds” inspired them to do this, and I did once have that CD also before it was destroyed.  It’s very good, and I believe it was more popular in England than was Sgt. Pepper but the reverse was in the US.  So here’s to a wonderful musician and a genus with vision, the Fifth Beatle.  Thank you Sir George.  The part that Paul McCartney sings in Day in the Life, along with the arrangement, and the dream AH AH AH AH sequence, usually gave me goose bumps.