Blahs, didn’t want coffee this morning, drank tea, need coffee now, sleepy, tired.  Congratulations Donald Trump on winning three states out of four.  After being what someone described as a “human pinata” this week, with such vicious things said about you, I’m sure these victories are extra sweet.  Got a kick out of you displaying bottles of Trump Wine, Trump Water, Trump steaks and Trump Magazine at your victory press conference yesterday.  Mitt Romney is a clown and I don’t mean that in a humorous sense.  Blah, blah, blah, blah.  Can’t believe spring is just around the corner; heavens, it was just Christmas, Thanksgiving, Halloween!  The groundhogs and nutria were correct; we all got an early spring.  Now for wretched Daylight’s Savings Time when I will lose even more sleep.  Blah.


Photo on 3-9-16 at 8.03 AM #2