When I learned Nancy Reagan died this morning, at first I was sad, and then immediately I realized she is now with the love of her life, Ronald Reagan and  I was happy for them both.  When he was in office I often said I liked him more than I liked her but that changed over the years when I saw how valiant she was during his illness and in retrospect she conducted herself beautifully during his presidency.  Never could stand any of their children, especially Patti Davis and their son; really only liked Michael.  I’m so glad that FOX on its website, did not open the news of her death to the comments.  You can’t believe how vicious some of the people are when someone dies and she does not deserve this.  It always moved me incredibly to learn that, after being in a coma for so long from Alzheimers, that, just a minute before he died, Reagan opened his eyes and stared at her.  And then died.