A couple of weeks ago, I watched Trisha Yearwood’s cooking show on the Food Network.  Her guest was none other than Reba McEntyre, one of my all time favorites, as is Yearwood.  Trisha said that Reba was one of her best friends and told a story before she experienced her phenomenal fame.  Reba was signing autographs at a mall, Trisha was starstruck with her for years, went to get her autograph and had nothing for her to write upon.  Reba produced a flyer for one of her concerts and signed it for her.  She then became very supportive of Yearwood’s career and the two became fast friends.  Trisha’s cooking show coincided with the opening of the Trish Yearwood exhibit in the Country Music Hall of Fame, where Reba is also honored, and she donated that signed flyer to her exhibit.

So, on this show, the two of them were cooking a meal in Trisha’s kitchen, and although she said she and Reba were the best of friends, it seemed to me the latter was on her best behavior and a little stiff, which surprised me between two friends.  But in the middle of this, these two ladies sang a duet a capella, Reba’s, “How Blue,” and to have them both sing together was incredible.  Then, they showed the out takes of the filming and Reba is a complete lunatic, especially with Yearwood and you could see the crazy friendship between them.  This was a treat, and I enjoyed it very much.