Although I expected Mitt Romney’s speech to be anti-Trump, I was appalled by the things he said, especially at this late date in the campaign, especially after the miserable campaign he waged against Obama in 2012, and especially after he had been thrilled to have Trump’s endorsement–and money–in 2012.  As a businessman, Romney has also had deals, like Trump, that fell through.  It was an appalling rant that filled me with suspicion and made me loathe the Republican party.  I saw as much ugliness in this as I’ve seen in the tactics of the Democrats, as much sneakiness; Trump later answered him and brought up the fact that Romney had begged for his endorsement, saying if he, Trump, would have told him to beg on his knees, Romney would have…disconcerting to me how a Republican Congressman who is supporting Rubio later commented on this by saying, I’m glad my children weren’t watching, how I was going to explain that one when I got home tonight I’ll never know–that is such a despicable twisting of what was said from such a dirty mind.  I was filled with such loathing for them, the party to which I belong, this sneaky coordinated attack now that Trump has won so much…and that includes St. John McCain, that I could have switched to the Democratic party even if it meant I never voted Democratic.  As it stands, I’m seriously considering changing affiliations to Independent.  At least the Democrats stand in a united front, no matter how much I disagree with them.  Mitt Romney should be ashamed of himself.

Tomorrow is the Louisiana Primary and I plan to vote early provided my back, haunch and leg doesn’t freeze up again in one mighty spasm.  And you might be surprised when I tell you who I am going to vote for, because I think he is the best man for the job in demeanor, knowledge, accomplishment and experience:  John Kasich.  I don’t think he will win the Republican nomination and come November when I do vote, it won’t be for the Democratic candidate and something tells me it won’t be for Kasich unless somehow the Republican nominee is smart enough to have him on the ticket as Vice President.  So tomorrow, I will vote for the man I think is best for the job in my heart and mind and if I had a second choice for a vote, let me just say it wouldn’t be Rubio or Cruz.

In retrospect, again awakened in torture, have to admit that Wednesday evening I did carry something heavy up the stairs and wore a newer pair of boots all day that are not as well broken in as my regulars; may have brought this on myself.  Fell into my own trap:  just because you start feeling a little better doesn’t mean you can do everything the doctor tells you not to do.  Lesson learned.