I am in the craziest of sleep patterns, not entirely unpleasant in the least, but crazy.  Last night fell sound asleep naturally around 7PM watching the results from Super Tuesday, this without taking Soma.  Awakened two hours later, took the Soma and slept soundly until I was fully awake…at 1:30 AM.  Well, that’s six and half hours sleep.  Got up, made coffee, watched two really annoying women talking heads on FOX, one of whom was calling Trump a sexist, a bigot, a con until the other one stepped in and said, this is all alleged.  The former was a Pulitzer Prize winning writer and that just seals for me further the insular, favoritism, write by my ideology mindset of the handful of people who comprise the Pulitzer committee.  What true journalist would say all of this without any evidence–the FOX anchor broke in and said, back in the 80’s, when Trump Tower was rising, Trump employed a woman as foreman of the entire construction site; he has had women in leadership positions for decades in his business and it looks like his daughter Ivanka is set to inherit the entire lot of his business.  Just because he doesn’t like Megyn Kelly doesn’t mean he’s a sexist.  Frankly, I can’t stand Megyn Kelly.  I don’t like her interview style, her mouth grates on my nerves, I don’t like her phony face expressions when she’s listening to a response and I seldom watch her.  Last night during her coverage she was acting almost like she was at a barroom to the point that Bret Baier teasingly asked her if she had a drink.  Another one I don’t like on FOX is Anna Kooiman–I can’t believe she laughed when she reported that a burglar who tried to break into someone’s house by going down the chimney  and got stuck burned to death when the owner came home and lit a fire.  Sorry, but that’s a horrible death and not funny.  I do like Guilfoyle, Perina, Kennedy, Tantaros, Van Susteran; Judge Jeannine gets on my nerves big time.  And forget Geraldo, I honestly don’t know what planet he is on with some of the pixilated judgment opinions he comes up with…

I didn’t mean to go on a news tangent.  What I meant to say is that when I awakened so early, I opened the front door and was assailed by the most wonderful, refreshing, cooling, fragrant East Wind so early in the morning.  Opened the windows and let is sail right in.  When breakfast time rolled around, fixed an unusual omelet–one egg, mushrooms, green onion, sundried tomatoes and fresh spinach…it ’twere so good!  Went out on the back porch and there was a gorgeous perfect half moon in the sky and to it’s left, my right, were two perfectly aligned stars in a straight line.  By the time the sun rose, and this is the last weekend we shall enjoy before wretched daylight savings time sets in, the birds were singing sweetly, the East wind was still blowing; it was a perfect March morning and man could I have played hooky.  But didn’t.

I can’t quite emphasize how much I adore this picture.