There was a press conference where Donald Trump was told, “David Duke has endorsed you.”  Trump immediately said, “I disavow.”  Truth is, Duke never endorsed him, just said he would vote for him.  Daresay members of the Black Panthers or former members voted for Obama.  Trump has disavowed Duke several times, but because he was vague in a recent interview, which he blamed to a faulty earpiece, they’re coming out of the wood work to brand him a racist.  I smell a rat.  Everyone who knows him closely or professionally has come forward to say he is not racist, does not support the KKK, but there are some who will insist the opposite.

David Duke ran for State Representative in my district in the late 80’s.  His opponent was a very stupid man who was related for former governor Dave Treen.  Duke came across as polished, as someone who had long departed from his KKK ways.  Don’t know how truthful that was, is, or not.  But this is a true reach to try to brand Trump as a KKK supporter because Duke will vote for him.  And as Trump, has said, how many times must he disavow someone before it will sink in?