OPI Nail Color has issued a new line called New Orleans colors.  I love OPI, indeed, their shade, Cajun Shrimp, still remains one of my favorites, so pretty in summer especially if your arms are brown from swimming…Oh, Lordy, how great it would be to get into a pool and loosen up my stiff back and legs…even if it meant the weather would be too warm to open up the windows and fill my home with sweet swirling breezes…but I digress…these new colors are pretty; I especially love the muffaletta shade, and the periwinkle blue, actually, just about all of them.  I haven’t done my nails in so long, it’s about time that I did.

I am looking forward to St Paddy’s Day at Houmas’ House.  Hope the weather is pretty and they seat us beneath the wisteria vines once again.  Need to buy something green to wear.  It looks like Ralph O’Leary is going to make it to Easter…so, will have to look for his Easter outfit after St. Paddy’s Day!  Which is sixteen days away!  Goodness, I could really quaff a dark black brown, ecru foamed glass of ice cold Guinness!