Today is February 29.  It’s a Leap Year.  Last Leap Year was 2012, and what a special year that one was!  When is Sadie Hawkins’ Day?

Ghost Adventures.  Watched the tape I made of Saturday’s episode.  A female reporter named Dylan from the Today Show was accompanying the investigation for a story, something I’ve done, as a local journalist myself for stories, with LaSpirits, an excellent batch of investigators.  I really was disappointed in the girly-girl fear shown by this reporter–her hanging onto  Zak Bagans, her screams when a camera moved, her reluctance to go into the rooms alone.  Maybe I’m crazy but I’ve never been scared on a ghost hunt other than experiencing a refusal to sleep in a certain room in Nottoway; to sleep is to render oneself vulnerable to this and that I have a problem with; but to confront and investigate is entirely different.  The feeling in the room was so negative it was smothering and I sensed it when I first walked in; only to then be told I was going to occupy the most haunted room in the house.  I was fine sitting there in the dark hoping to catch evidence, but not to sleep.  There’s a creepy vibe throughout Nottoway anyway; Mom and I first felt it the time we spent the weekend there in 1983.

Speaking again about “Chariots of Fire.”  I had the soundtrack and I played it so much it probably warped.  Got my annual performance evaluation today here at work; it was pretty darned good.  Word has it that the voluntary separation invite reached its intended goal of people who actually accepted.