What can I say…it’s Friday.

I honestly don’t feel like watching the Oscars.  If I don’t, it will probably be the first time I’ve missed it since I was five years old.  Just not interested; don’t find the waiting to see who wins Best Actor, Actress and Picture worth the two and a half hours of preceding boredom. Leo DiCaprio will probably win Best Actor; don’t care about Brie Larson; don’t care about the pictures either although I will probably watch Spotlight on cable since it’s a film about journalism.  Love those.  Saw a trailer of a movie about to be released with Greta-sorry-can’t remember her name so I say Warthog, and glory that is one homely, horsey-looking girl.  Heard some of Julianne Moore’s dialogue and whatever the hell accent that’s supposed to be, it’s pretty pitiful.  The only funny thing out of the entire trailer was the little boy saying, good luck with that Miss Bossy Pants, but then again, that’s been done before, and was probably someone else’s idea? But good luck to all with that; there’s always an audience for this kind of stuff.  I suppose.

Stayed up until the Grand Hour of 8 PM!  Watching a taped episode of NCIS New Orleans.  I like this show, they do a fair amount of accuracy for New Orleans, last night Bakula said something about he preferred going to eat at R&O, and that is a restaurant not far from where I lived when I lived on the 17th Street Canal a mile away from Bucktown.  Great pizza and sandwiches; maybe it’s time for a revisit.  Remembering how much bike time I spent all through there; remembering my new bike in the Ernest Hemingway room that I haven’t been able to ride and wondering how I will ever ride it since Dr. R. doesn’t want me lifting anything for a long time and getting it up and down the stairs is really probably pushing it.  Maybe I will sell it, or donate it.  Morning pain continues, but eases faster, sleep remains blissful and hope that continues once I’m off of Soma.

Feel like trying to make all of the French Mother sauces this weekend:  another batch of Bechamel is needed; tomat; veloute; Espagnol; Hollandaise.  We’ll see.


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