Gracious, what an afternoon it’s been in South Louisiana.  Somehow the radar-blobs of red have managed to avoid Metairie and New Orleans, but a tornado was on the ground this afternoon for over an hour; Madisonville was ground zero for a debris detected rotation on radar that means it’s a twister with debris–either a house, farm animals, cars, whatever..and it was headed towards Mandeville; I lit a blessed candle.  It veered away, not taking credit for that with the blessed candle, but I’m glad it veered.  No matter whatever anyone has done to you, you don’t wish them tornadoes.  Here in Metairie and New Orleans, not severe weather, but some rain, thunder, and Mon Dieu, le vent!  Le vent du sud.  Gusts up to 40 mph, almost non stop blowing, and of course I have opened the windows to it all as it rattles the blinds, and since it’s from the southwest, draws forth the scent of eucalyptus.  An RV park in Convent, right on the River Road, a drive that I love, was struck and RV’s were tipped over and turned on each other with some people trapped. This is going to continued for the next three hours or so; FOX 8, WVUE’s Dave Bernard and Bruce Katz have been on the air since I got home close to 1 PM today.  My little kingdom is filled with the sound of wind as curtains sail and the air feels delicious–and the wind whistled around the storm door;;;a gust just slammed my bedroom door shut although I had it propped open.  Had to tie down my blue porch chair since the winds were tossing it all around.  Wild is the Wind.  An invigorating night from my end, but all my sympathies go to the people in the path of the worst of it.  We’re not even in the worst of it or near it, and the wind is so powerful; I can imagine how bad it was at the core.  I do hear thunder over towards the lake; the North Shore is taking the brunt of this system.