As I said, I’m wearing Therapeutic Goth.

Yesterday evening was a night with Richard Chamberlain.  TCM showed, “The Four Musketeers,” from 1975; I much preferred the previous year’s, “The Three Musketeers,” but it was good to see this one.  Good to see a young Michael York, Oliver Reed, Richard Chamberlin, Faye Dunaway, Simon Ward, Geraldine Chaplin, Christopher Lee (younger) and even Chuckles Heston.  And the funny Roy Kinnear, RIP, whom I just learned not long ago is the very cute Rory Kinnear’s dad.  He looks like his dad, only a handsomer version.  Good musical score, costumes, acting, just a fun, fun movie with plenty of tongue in cheek.  From there Turner segued into another Chamberlain movie, one that I saw on TV in the seventies that I was surprised to see how much I loved it, “The Slipper and the Rose.”  Who can resist a Cinderella story, complete with gorgeous Chamberlain, beautiful countryside, lovely singing, and I still got swept away when Cinderella leaves  the ball and runs through the night field singing about what had just happened to her.  Not to mention that precious pupples pupples the Fairy Godmother gave her.  Surprisingly, I didn’t conk out from medication, all these movies had been a bit under a spell so I was awake…next came “Tom Jones,” a movie I have never seen and watched it enjoying it very much.  Albert Finney was so handsome, Susannah York so lovely, the wonderful Hugh Andrews and a great cast.  Risque stuff for 1963 but seemed so terribly tame now; however, I liked it but the Soma started kicking in and I fell asleep; never mind, I taped it and can watch the rest later.  I also loved Albert Finney in”Two for the Road.”  I needed this type of movie fare last night.

One thing I loved about “Slipper and the Rose,” was that it ended with screen curtain calls.  I love that.  It reminded me of how much I had enjoyed when PBS showed the 25th anniversary performance of ” The Phantom of the Opera.”  I watched that three times and could watch it again.  Truth to tell, and this might go against your grain, but I have always loved the theater.  I used to love the Repertory Company that was here, the live performances, all the stage devices.

Well this morning it hurt to rise and walk around but again, it didn’t last as long as usual.  I told Dr. Wu if only I could swim and he smiled and said, ever the optimist, summer’s coming, Jeanne.  I might fudge this and start in early May.

Breakfast this morning:  small portion of cheese grits (used the true yellow corn grits, not the bleached white) and a one-egg cheddar cheese omelet.  Before I folded the omelet in the pain, placed a dollop of bechamel on the cheese in the center.  Tres bien!

Feel like pursuing classic French cooking.


Photo on 2-22-16 at 8.20 AM