One final message before I settle down with Rev. Stanley and then Dr. Jeremiah.  It’s about Trump.  I was half falling asleep night before last ala Soma but the news was on, and someone said, what a week Donald Trump had:  Attacking the Bush family and then fighting the Pope!  I aroused enough to burst out laughing.  Because I have to tell you that oddly enough, it reminded me of me.  Trump said he doesn’t lie and that’s why he’s always in trouble.  I can remember Mom telling me, you’ve gotten your teacher angry and you talked back to a nun; this has translated into my working life at times…not congratulating myself but Friday night for a minute I identified with the Donald for always being in the dog house.  You realize of course, because I said the Pope was wrong I am risking eternal hellfire and damnation?  We Catholics were always taught that the Pope is infallible.