Rising this morning not as bad as past days but not as good as yesterday.  Went into my kitchen just now and it was sunny.  Had delicious corn cheese grits with a Spanish omelet for breakfast; must be watching all the news from The Lizard’s Thicket.  Will worry about dieting later, think I need to eat to heal.  I’m tired, have a Soma hangover, want to stretch out and sleep but afraid I’ll wake up in pain.  Find myself oddly very glad Trump won South Carolina.  Wish FOX would fire Julie Roginsky, such a narrow-minded, toxic, elitist liberal.  I don’t always agree with Juan Williams, or Alan Colmbes, but at least Williams is likeable and genuine but this woman is such a condescending know it all who needs to learn a lot about life outside of her New York sphere.  Can’t stand her; yesterday on Outnumbered she called the Evangelicals in South Carolina hypocrites; her colleagues climbed all over her and then quickly added, but you know we love you?  She was abhorrent.  She would be a fine replacement for Ronan Farrow on MSNBC, but would probably be cancelled because she has the charm of a rattlesnake.  One day last summer she told Kimberly Guilfoyle and Dana Perino, two ladies I like on FOX, that the next step after banning the Confederate flag was to ban “Gone with the Wind.”  Both Perino and Guilfoyle, two very accomplished, very human ladies’ mouths fell open and they just stared at her.  What a rhymes with witch!