Awakened with an entirely grateful heart.  No agonizing pain in the night, no agonizing pain upon arising; stiffness is a little there, some soreness, but peace, a relief from the torture.  I think it’s the anti-inflammatory kicking in, after once dose, and that’s promising since I have to take it for a month.  Feel asleep at seven last night, awakened finally at 3:30 AM to find the pain had relented.  Must remember not to do anything stupid because it’s feeling better.  Little treats this morning:  grew up on the long New Orleans tradition of heating milk or cream in a saucepan to pour in your morning cup of Joe; not always done by everyone or my family, but when done, what a treat…always loved with the heated milk separated a little and some of it rose to the surface in little wads…not specks, but intermittent clotted clumps…heated my half and half in the microwave this morning and was rewarded with same effect, delicious in King Cake flavored coffee.  Turned on the news and was able to catch Rubio and Cruz’s town halls in South Carolina.  You get a far better picture of the candidates this way as opposed to the debates and news sound bites.  I enjoyed these.  I think South Carolina has one of the most beautiful state flags and you know, I think I might order one and hang it on the wall of the Ernest Hemingway room.  Waxing nostalgic while they’re all there in the Palmetto State.  Remembering Aunt Cal, how gorgeous South Carolina is.  Hearing the town’s name where they’re stumping and remembering fondly:  Lexington, Chapin, Gaffney, Spartanburg, Greenville, Columbia.  These are good memories for me, and alas, were cut short due to the machinations, cattiness and trouble making of one female cousin, now departed, who caused a rift that remained irreparable for decades.  Should I try to change that now.  God, what trouble makers some women can be…

Last night stopped by Cansecos in search of chocolate ice cream.  Refuse to pay $7.00 for a tiny carton of Ben and Gerry or Haagen Daaz because of chi-chi; it’s good stuff but…I now refuse to buy my favorite brand, Blue Bell, and then my eye fell upon Breyer’s Reese’s Peanut Butter Cup ice cream, the latter of which is what I think is divine marriage of flavors.  Bought it, came home and had a childhood lunch for dinner:  egg salad sandwich and (salt free) potato chips.  Then I had the ice cream, and be still my heart:  peanut butter flavored ice cream swirled with broken bits of the peanut butter cups.  It was rich, so two scoops was more than enough, and heavens, what a night of comfort food.

Just took a wonderful hot shower, sudsed my hair with Prell.  This will be a flannel shirt, stay in jammy bottoms, thick socks and cross trainers day.  It hasn’t hurt to sit or rise, just a twinge.  A fog has formed…in New Orleans, they never roll in, the fogs just materialize like ghosts, and this one is lit with an orange glow like Halloween night.

The FOX news crew is in a Columbia SC diner called, “Lizard’s Thicket.”  Cool name.  Will pray on what I have an inclination to do.  I always said South Carolina peaches were the best, better than Georgia’s, and maybe Ruston, La peaches are on par.  Had to laugh at Ted Cruz’s town hall.  Phil Robertson of Duck Dynasty appeared with he and Sean Hannity.  When asked why he supported Cruz, he showed his Bible and said, “it was Bibles and guns that got us here, and Bibles and guns that will keep us here.”  You have to admit about the South:  we’re always colorful.

And I do agree with Marco Rubio about Obama.  It isnt that he doesn’t know what he’s doing.  He’s had a plan from the beginning to ruin America and change her.  I thought that about him when he ran the first time, especially when I learned he belonged to that wretched church whose pastor on Sunday from the pulpit screamed, “Not God bless America, GOD DAMN AMERICA, GOD DAMN AMERICA,” and Moochelle’s comments that she was ashamed to be an American.  Seems America has been damned might good to her.  He is the most subversive president ever; we’ve  had some incompetent, crooked dogs, I know, but he is a calculated evil and while I don’t wish he or his family any harm, the level to which I despise him, and Hillary Clinton, sometimes appalls me, to the point that I told it to the Roman the last time I went to Jesuit.  Who told me, feelings aren’t a sin.

Still feel like painting; still feel like being zen, simplifying…it seems Trump and the Pope have made a kind of peace with one another…but have to say, when you live within walls and never let anyone else in, you have no moral high ground to call someone un-Christian when they want to build walls to protect.  Perhaps if a wall was built, and I think illegal immigration has reached critical mass in this country, and the Mexican people would have to follow the law and come here legally, and did not like conditions in their country, maybe, like Americans, they would take on themselves and force a societal change.  Heaven knows, it’s been done all through time.