Obama was the first president not to go to the funeral of Supreme Court justice in over sixty years.  The reason he was reputed not to go was a mystery although speculation centered supremely around golf.  Watching this exalted ceremony, I found myself glad he wasn’t there, and also thinking at the same time Lucifer wouldn’t have been able to sit through it either; had Obama been there, I think the service would have driven his head to do a 360 on his neck and then spew forth pea soup upchuck.

But the White House just released the reason, replete with a photo op:  Obama needed to spend today going through the records of possible Supreme Court nomines:  a photo with him posed holding a binder was presented as proof.

But as a news person just said, this day is about Justice Scalia.  For myself, I’m glad I could watch this perfect tribute without Bam-Bam’s presence.  But, still, what a disgrace the president was not there, and how so not surprising.  Mules in hawses’ harnesses.