Okay, I’m about to take my Soma and won’t be lucid for several hours so I must weigh in again about this flap with Donald Trump and the Pope.  Having seen the news now, and heard the full context of what both parties actually said, here is my opinion:  Pope Francis is wrong.  He meddled in something that does not concern him; he talked about Trump wanting to build walls not bridges, which is to protect America, a right any nation has and said he was not Christian if that is what he said.  Walls are biblical.  They’ve been built throughout the ages, sanctioned by God in the Bible, the New Testament says if you don’t protect your own you are an infidel; the illegal immigration problem in this country is unconscionable, and I might add that Vatican City is extremely walled, extremely guarded and not everyone is just let in.  I think Trump was correct in his response up to the point of saying the remarks by the Pope were a disgrace.  All of the Republican candidates want a border wall, but the Pope singled out Trump.  He is wrong in this.  And he needs to remove his holy probiscus out of politics; saying that Trump is not a Christian is not his place; judge not lest ye be judge.  See you in La La Land.