Returning to this election year topic…and might I point out that in the early nineties I once told someone that when my generation got into the White House we would be in deep trouble…what’s next…after Hildebest Clanton really acting like a beast barking like a dog; the donnybrook between Trump, Rubio and Cruz, allegations of sweating, drinking water, lying, lying and more lying, threats of lawsuits and replies of so, sue me, threats to depose, a Republican candidate sounding like Michael Moore in his criticism of George W and 911…in comes another bizarro situation:  Pope Francis has interjected his opinion into the race by calling Trump a non-Christian if he said he wanted to build a wall to keep illegal immigrants out of America…to which Trump responded that the pontiff’s comments were, “disgraceful.”  Tell me, is it too much media exposure…is it too many hours in front of the television, or video games, or Arnold Schwarz…Rocky, Lassie, no not Lassie, what in tarnation is going on here.  And what’s next?  I like Pope Francis but I feel he gets a little too politically involved some times; Trump is getting wilder and wilder; don’t get me started on Madame Pomeranian, I do believe Cruz is a liar, and right now the only one I’m really pulling for is John Kasich…Cut to Incarnate Word lunch recess:  Ew, you’re ugly, ugh, you stink, Ugh, you’re sweaty, ew, you’re a liar, ew, ew, ew, and listen to me, I’m a dog!  Arf, Ruff, Arf!  And meow, meow, moo, neigh.  My goodness gracious.

Well,  I can well understand why Soma is a controlled substance and if Majoria’s had not been so familiar with me for decades, they would have asked for my driver’s license when I went to get the script filled.  Had to leave work an hour and a half early yesterday because of pain, went home, waited until 4PM to take a Soma.  Found that since this started all I want are grilled cheese sandwiches or cheese sandwiches.  Had a Swiss cheese and tomato sandwich for dinner as a chaser for the Soma.  Fell asleep, deep, deep wonderful sleep, awakened close to 9 PM, after being lulled by the glow of television and the soft murmur of the talking heads…waited until 10 PM, took another Soma after I ate one half of a leftover grilled cheese sandwich.  Slept deeply in the glow of the tube, finally turned it off and slept, slept, slept until it was around 4AM.  Did the exercises advised before rising.  Still froze and hurt like hell but this time the really bad pain didn’t last as long and loosened up faster, much faster.  Took a hot, steamy shower and that also helped.  Had a grilled cheese sandwich for breakfast and fixed a Swiss cheese with tomato sandwich for lunch.  Must be a comfort food thing going on here.  For so many years changed my habit of showering in the morning to the evening, but I think I’ll revert back to mornings.  Sometimes I’m too tired in the evening to shower and force myself to it, but I’m going to just freshen up and then shower in AM.  I enjoy it more.  And it helps with morning stiffness.  I hope the orthopedist doesn’t find something bizarre on xrays.