God bless Dr. Rodriguez and the Orthopedic Clinic at Tulane.  Dr. Rodriguez did a very thorough examination of my back, taking great care for dignity and modesty of his patient in a surgical gown wearing only her unmentionables beneath it.  That greatly touched me.  After the exam and the x-rays his verdict is in:  I have congential spondylothisesis, which means the sacral bone in the vertebrae can slip and touch the vertebrae bone beneath it.  He saw no tumors, something I was dreadfully afraid of, nor bone infections.  This condition can also cause hamstring muscle spasms and he said I have a hyperextended back and was dismayed to learn I carry groceries upstairs.  His aide wrapped me in most wonderful brace around my lower back and stomach that feels wonderful and he gave me scripts for anti inflammatory, day pain and night pain.  I was very impressed and touched by his care.  He doesn’t want me to lift anything for a while; so I think I’ll just have takeout for awhile.  You know, I got so desperate yesterday morning I called Unity at 6 AM and asked for prayers of healing…two hours later I walked past his office, saw him there and walked in on a nudge.  Well, think I will settle down with a grilled cheese sandwich and a rare small bag of Broacocatto’s Italian cookies that I picked up at Majoria’s when I dropped the scripts off.  They won’t be ready until first thing in the morning but in the meantime I have Soma.  This is a comfort food night again.  Thank you God, it wasn’t something that needed surgery; apparently although I don’t think I am as active as I should be, I am more active than I realize.  And the congenital deformity on my back might explain why my legs don’t function  sometimes and I have stupid accidents.