A doctor in my department was kind enough yesterday to give me an ointment for my back and another was kind enough to write me a script for Soma, a muscle relaxant, for which I left work, had filled at Majoria’s, went home and took.  It helped, it really helped, slept, pain free, took another at 5:45, slept again, pain free, awakened at 12:15 AM in total pain freeze.  Took another and freeze and pain did not stop, just got up at 1AM, made coffee and sat until some relief was in sight.  Made a grilled cheese sandwich at 3 AM, fell asleep for an hour and a half, awakened, freeze pain.  It finally loosened up enough in time for me to take a shower and go to work.  Walking in, I saw that the orthopedist who treated me for the broken little toe, was in his administrative office with the door wide open and I took a deep breath, walked in and told him I didn’t mean to impose…but, he was graciousness itself, told me I wasn’t imposing, listened to my problem, told me exercises to do in bed before I rise, put a plywood sheet under mattress…and he wants to see me in his clinic, examine and xray my back.  Started researching this a little more and I think I have the literal pain in the butt, trouble with a glute muscle.  Going to see him at 3:15 tomorrow afternoon.  It’s always something.

Do you ever think that it’s possible to be nervous and worried without consciously knowing you’re nervous and worried–I mean, I know muscle relaxants are relaxants, but yesterday I got into such a relaxed state that I felt as I did when I was young, hardly anything worried me and I was on no medication to make me feel that way. Truth to tell, it was something nice to remember and brought up the eternal questions of now:  just what is it that’s making you nervous?

I honestly have to say that, after seeing and hearing Hillary bark like a dog yesterday on the news at the Republicans that I have never in lo my many years witnessed an election year such as this one.  You have all the Republican name calling; you have Bill Clinton acting like he’s practically in his dotage; Donald Trump calling Ted Cruz a liar; Marco Rubio calling Ted Cruz a liar.  Donald Trump stating how sweaty Marco Rubio gets on stage; this is like the lunch hour recess at Incarnate Word School.  I can understand the fighting among candidates although I wish they would just debate the issues, but God in heaven, Hillary Clinton barking during a speech spun this into the realm of the surreal.  I wish John Kasich would run to the front of the pack…but it’s been entertaining, to say the least…woof, woof.