Drove to 7 AM Mass this morning in the tawny glow of a newly risen sun, another blue February day, however, with a promise of rain.  After having a few breaks from pain when rising in the morning, today the torture returned big time.  Started keeping a cane at bedside and it helps me get up when these stupid attacks happen.  The pork loin is roasting; was going to marinate it with apples and onions and wine, but remembered I was counting carbs so opted for wine, rosemary and garlic; smells heavenly.  This is for the week;  pan cooked some lean sirloin steaks and made of  point of cooking them medium well; cooking mushrooms in the drippings and red wine.  Cabbage is bubbling away; heart of romaine lettuce salad for lunch with steak.

I was very saddened to learn that Judge Antonin Scalia died.  I admired him very, very much and to hear stories from his friends, he was a hoot who loved a good time.  I’ll never forget listening to the argument before the Supreme Court when he was seated over the Bush-Gore presidential dispute in Florida.  I was riveted and fascinated by the whole process and very relived at the decision.  I can’t imagine what freak Obama has in mind to  replace this very conservative originalist who believed the Constitution was not to be tampered with  as was the Founding Fathers’ intent.  He’ll probably change the judges’ robes from black to rainbow.  Eleven more months of this clown in office and pray God Congress blocks whatever liberal nightmare Bam-Bam wants to replace Justice Scalia with until, hopefully, there isn’t a Democrat in the White House.

After I listened to Rev Stanley while cooking on INSP Sunday mornings, I also love the program that follows, Reverend David Jeremiah.  He gives marvelous messages and he has done a series for several months on how far this nation is getting away from God and the biblical threat it imposes.  Especially, this morning, about how God has always destroyed a national that did not honor Israel’s right to be a nation.  And how this present administration has moved farther and farther away from Israel; he also pointed out this timing of turning our backs more and more on Israel coincides with the downfall of our economy and other woes.  In Genesis, it is written that the Lord will bless those who bless Israel and curse those who do not.  History has shown the downfall of nations that did not bless Israel time and again throughout the ages.

Well Happy Valentine’s Day.  One Valentine’s night twenty something years ago, remembering watching the Winter Olympics and cracking open a bottle of champagne…to us!