This day, these days are cut with the clarity of childhood visions of cool Autumn days, and spring.  Especially this day.  North wind sailing through the Ernest Hemingway room; someone pruned one of the palms outside and the fronds don’t fill the window quite as much; wish they had left them alone even if I did have to push through them hanging over the railing to get to my front door.  Made me feel like Ramar of the Jungle.  Walked non stop for forty minutes this morning–in my apartment–then ran errands at 7:30 AM.  Needed odds and ends:  light bulbs, paper stuff, hair stuff, this and that.  Visited the ACE hardware store next to Cansecos and found a jazzy pair of stainless steel, red tipped tongs for Le Kitchen.  Perfect day to go to a hardware store, and this is a fond throwback to Mr. Bradley’s place on Apple Street.  Bought a nightlight for my bedroom in capitulation.  My all standing fear of the dark left me some time ago, especially after I moved here and while I feel that is quite a good thing I am sure sleeping in the pitch dark and rising in same in the middle of the night contributed greatly to my monumental toe break.  Bought some groceries, had to return the new boots to Macy’s because they too uncomfortable on my newly malformed foot; will wait and see what happens.  While at Macy’s, spritzed on some of the pink Marc Jacob’s Daisy perfume and so far I like the way it smells on me although the golden one smells like dishwashing liquid on me and divine on other people.  But right now, Mademoiselle Coco has my heart.  Probably going to make a golden beet salad today, bought a lean tenderloin pork roast and a huge head of cabbage that I will cook both tomorrow, but the roast is going to marinade all night in something I’m going to concoct.  Have to say, since I started eliminating a majority of carbs and eating more protein, energy levels are rising.  Such a crisp beautiful day, getting close to my lunch…and joy of all, I have started eating eggs again, whole eggs and it’s been heavenly.