Don’t know why showering at the perfect temperature with lavender soap and sudsing your head twice with Prell on a cold afternoon is so gratifying, but that sweet experience was just mine.  Got a little warm from the shower, cooling off in the Ernest Hemingway room and will probably head for a cold crisp glass of Pinot Grigio shortly.

Do you remember my “story” about the woman who went to the Tarot reader because she was hurt and angry and not understanding someone’s behavior at all?  Well, there’s a prequel to that story perhaps five years before.  This woman was in a constant siege of pain due to the actions of someone she knew loved her but who constantly treated her shabbily while exalting another.  She decided to talk to a church counselor about the whole thing, without mentioning names, rest assured, know how important that is to you, and one of the main things she stated she couldn’t understand was his actions.  Without missing a blink, the counselor said this to this poor girl:  He is acting this way because he is guilty.  He is guilty knowing he loved you when he married her; guilty that he loves you still while married to her.  Guilt has taken over him.  Everything fell into place for my character.  Now, if the story was being picked up again, I would think she would say to  him, has there been enough self-flaggelation?  Is the time for the hair shirt to be over or are you still in the Middle Ages with this.  Is it over or is more ink on the horizon.  What would you tell your sons to do if they were in your situation–spend a lifetime of self-punishment for a mistake or get over it, take the bull by the horns and live?  Or would you tell them, more ink to remind yourself.