Glad I decided not to go out today; didn’t feel up to it, and although I’m in a regular shoe now, it would have involved a lot of walking after parking…looking forward to St. Patrick’s Day at Houmas House.

What can  say about yesterday, I mean the day that I spent after all was done and I could crash.  It was cold, blue, gold and the wind was absolutely wild.   Kept the window opened in the Ernest Hemingway Room as it is now and the palms trees were and are besides themselves.  I had taped The People Vs. O.J. Simpson, so around 2:30 or so, with all the windows opened, and the house deliciously chilly, ( a trick I learned from reading, “A Farewell to Arms.”  The hero and Katherine, there in the cold mountain air, slept with their windows wide open to the sparking air bundled under blankets.)  I went to my boudoir, got under an afghan, after I opened a wonderfully chilled, crisp Pinot Grigio, sat propped against the Husbands Arms, sipped, watched, and all the while the house was filled with the sounds of winds rustling, curtains, billowing, blinds rattling, until I could almost imagine I was in California  beside the ocean roaring; only I was glad I was here, and it was the wind gusting around my little under sea level mountain aerie of my own.  I did cook a pot of homemade chili yesterday and wanted to use an unusual recipe.  This called for a 12 ounce bottle of Stout and two huge cans of crushed tomatoes.  It also called for seven tablespoons of chili powder; after I dumped in three, I tasted and was rewarded with a lit tongue; used the old trick I learned as a kid when I put too much pepper in a dish–sprinkled lemon and it cuts the heat without tasting citrusy.  Glad I tested at three.  This is a very good chili with a slightly unusual flavor; it’s a good day for chili, darn good day, but I have to say it doesn’t come close to Mom’s homemade chili.

I think my usually very quiet young neighbor next door, Mark, and his girlfriend got into a fight early this morning because I heard them yelling and lots of thumps.  And I do mean argument, okay to any dirty minds.  It was two-thirty and I was wide awake; made golden caramel coffee, rosary, prayers, and enjoyed watching the coverage of the New Hampshire Primary that had some polls open at midnight.  They’ve all been hanging around a really cool diner, candidates and newspeople.   Don’t know what station I’m going to watch Mardi Gras on this morning at 9 AM.  Channel 4s coverage last sucked rotten lemons; it seems to become more commercials than coverage, and five will get you ten Zulu will break down again and delay coverage of Rex toasting his queen.  I don’t think I can abide the sight of Mitch Landrieu meeting Rex; find I’m more interested in watching the Election coverage, going to read the Advocate, and see how it goes.  Went for a walk this morning after running to Canseco’s for light sour cream, brought Mary Lynn and Whitney some Community King Cake coffee and she gave me some Mardi Gras beads.  It’s cold, it’s wonderful, and I hope all is well.