Objectives achieved.  Deep cleaning in the trouble spots done.   Started at sunrise, just finished, and the dear sweet clean of Lavender Fabuloso rewards my labor.  Another dazzling day, going to get very cold, going to be a very cold Mardi Gras and right now, at almost 9 AM, it’s so blue and golden outside with a strong North wind blowing that I feel I must simply take a good long walk and feel that wind in my hair.  Shortly, shortly.

The Super Bowl:  I’m glad Denver won.  Truth to tell, I don’t ever remember seeing such a formidable defense such as that team’s and the game belongs to them.  I’m happy for Peyton Manning; time was when I enjoyed these types of game most, the get down dirty on the field, fight it out by yardage and digging and although there were no quarterback acts of legerdemain on either side, I enjoyed this Super Bowl very much.  It was good to see all the MVPs of the past 50 years comes out on the field; so good to see Joe Montana who remains, I think, my favorite player of all times; couldn’t help but notice the crowd booed Tom Brady when he came on the field and my emotions were right there with him.  Joe Montana’s son graduated from Tulane a couple of years ago; I believe it was the little one who road as a baby with his Dad and Mom on the back of a convertible after they won the Super Bowl here in New Orleans for the 1989 season.  Tempis, etc.  As usual, Peyton was a class act in victory, as he has been in defeat.  Can’t say the same for Cam Newton, who left the press conference after a few questions mad as hell.  True, he’s young, but I have seen young as he or younger being a better sport in defeat than that typical millenial display of petulance.  Regrettable.

Okay, now to the nitty gritty.  What happened late last week and why did you look absolutely stricken?