It’s a cold, dazzling Sunday, all the light filling the front room and I can feel the Mardi Gras vibes even in here.

Got the bulk of the worst kitchen mess cleared out; make room for deep cleaning that I will do tomorrow.  Tonight in the Super Bowl and decided my party food will just be a good okra, chicken and sausage gumbo, with no rice because I’m watching carbs.  It’s simmering now and the house smells divine; Split a Cornish hen down the middle, set it in the pain sort of butterflied, seared it in olive oil and am slowly smothering it in wine, onions and rosemary snipped from the front porch.  Community coffee, really good local coffee also makes some very fine flavored grounds.  Joe W’s had a sale for 2 for $9.00, so I bought a pound of their French Roast and a pound of Golden Caramel, “smooth and buttery” that I can’t wait to try this afternoon before the game; if it keeps me up all night, don’t have work in the morning, so there.

The Super Bowl.  I’ll say it, I want the Broncos to win because of Peyton’s Manning.  It will probably be his last Super Bowl, he’s a New Orleans boy, and yes I have rooted against him in the past from time to time, but he’s been on the scene since the 90’s when he played for Tennessee…still can see him on the field in uniform after a game leading the band and the stands in “Rocky Top.”  Think after all, I will miss him.

Read a funny story about their mother Olivia Manning, Cooper’s, Peyton’s and Eli’s.  One of her sons said, she told him something he said “I can’t tell you how inappropriate what you just said is,” and then in the next breath called out, “Would somebody get me more ice for my Margarita?”  He said you had to love a mother like that.