This past week was very hectic and yesterday at Grand Rounds, Meggie Doucet, who was particularly blasted this week told me, “I’m going to watch movies all weekend long and nothing.”  Amen.

Awakened very early, it was 37 degrees,planning to do housework.  Ha.  After coffee got back into bed in jammies, watched “Pioneer Woman,” “Farmhouse Rules,” “Trisha’s Southern cooking, and then a good old movie I taped, from 1945, “Love Letters,” with Joseph Cotten and Jennifer Jones.  I think you might like this one, it was very good.  I usually find Jennifer Jones’ performances somewhat soap opera, but I liked her in this one very much.  After that watched another one I taped, the really fine “The Hundred-Foot Journey” with Helen Mirren, who can play just about any role.  This was Spielberg produced and I really, really enjoyed it a lot.  Well that brought me to 2:30, so I took a shower that was the perfect degree of soothing warmth, sudsed my head twice with Prell and got into another fresh pair of jammies.  This will be my Saturday attire.  Who invented jammies?  Surely there should be a statue erected to him or her.

SyFy is showing, “Angels and Demons”now might settle down to watch it…already missed the part at the Cern when they’re testing the antimatter when that French scientists says, “Pwotons are moveeng!”

I hope Meggie took her own advice; I know I was ready to take a nap at 9AM, so I guess that’s when Da Lawd is telling you, Rest.