Or, as I used to write when little, “Marty Graw.”  Went well with “Spartangus.”  This to me, is the penultimate Mardi Gras song.  Nothing pulls me back further than this one remembering Mardi Gras with my family, when it was so much fun, Daddy’s shoulders were there to lift me above the crowd or place me on the ladder and we were all together. In recent years, I’ve had a lot of fun at Kevin Kelly’s place on St. Charles near Gallier Hall in that beautiful old townhouse of his; I’m going to skip it this year because of the walking involved, but I plan to go to his St. Patrick’s Day celebration first at Brennan’s, then at Houmas House this year.  But it’s Mardi Gras, it’s February, beautiful, blue, cold February and the sky is like blue velvet no better way to describe it and you can feel the mood of the city.  Might make homemade chili Mardi Gras Day–it’s supposed to be cold. It seemed every time the Carrollton Parade rolled on a Sunday it was a gorgeous cold day like this one and we always took a place on the neutral ground across the street from Notre Dame Seminary, very shady, very chilly and I can still almost feel the warmth of the bag of roasted peanuts Mom always bought me and smell them.  Going to add more Mardi Gras music throughout the morning.