Photo on 1-5-16 at 3.49 PM #3

Wish you could see how gloriously beautiful the day is.  Sunlight this morning was like platinum, chilly, in the forties, windy, fresh, clean intoxicating air.  Opened the house to it last night.  Brandi was going to be induced today and driving in I kept thinking she couldn’t have asked for a beautiful day for Little Brutus to make his appearance, but we got a text from her and she went into labor on her own this morning any way.

Awakened without that excruciating pain, but a little pain that was a little worse than the twinge yesterday, but I think as soon as I can start really moving around as I did before the toe thing it might improve.  Still wearing boots.  Ordered two new pairs of combat boots yesterday, one black, the other taupe, hit the winter sale and saved nearly $100.00 on two really good pairs. God, I love a good sale for good value.  And I love combat boots.  Oddly enough, I find them very feminine with skirts and dresses and they really help my rotten back a lot.  I should say, God bless my wonderful back, and I do.  Now if only it didn’t cause me so much trouble for the last thirty-five years!

The Iowa Caucuses.  You know, I don’t like what Ted Cruz pulled about Dr. Ben Carson.  His camp, and of course he claims he knew nothing about it, sent out notices to all Precinct Captains that Carson was pulling out of the race and for all his supporters to swing to Cruz.  Apparently, a lot of people believed this.  Also, there was that questionable form that he sent out.  I think he stole the election there; this is the kind of low down trick the Clintons would pull.  I agree with Marco Rubio that Cruz will do anything to win and dirty tricks are just not acceptable.  And on the Republican side, I’m afraid of having another Junior Senator, like Bam-Bam, becoming President.  I really think a governor would be better, although years ago I thought the opposite, or, sorry, a CEO.  I further find it amazing that a lot of the deciding factors on the Democratic side were six coin tosses that all went to Clinton.  Jeez, what are the odds on that one?  Come one, really, coin tosses?  This decides the presidency?  She’s declaring a huge victory when it’s really quite the tie.  I think she will win the Democratic nomination so let’s pray for an indictment real soon.

Cruz has lost me.  And now to Jeb Bush.  I think he’s a great guy, was a great governor of Florida, but I am starting to get really embarrassed for him.  First, it’s that stupid, Jeb! logo.  Reminds me of, Lamar! a few years ago.  Then, that stupid anti Rubio commercial that segues into a choo-choo going at full steam with Jeb’s name on it.  Then, it’s the commercial with his Momma (I love Barbara Bush, but come on, yo’ Mama?)  And finally, and oh, this is terrible, he made a speech yesterday and no one responded to something he said and he asked the crowd, Please clap.  I think he’s too fine a guy to put himself through this and he ought to bow out because I don’t think he has a snowball’s chance in hell.  And Cruz is a real sleaze bucket.  But I will still vote for him over Clinton, just hope I don’t have to.

Now I ain’t got another thing to say.