As I said, last night awakened on an off during the Iowa Caucuses coverage when some of the candidates spoke.  After all, one can’t always sleep through the harpy strident voice of Hillary.  Awakened just in time to hear her ripping Republicans off as hate mongers, ending with the cry, “That’s not who we are!”  Oh, Jesus.  I’ve spent the last seven years listening to Obama cry, “that’s not who we are!” and if I have to spend another four years listening to this harpy say the same I’ll never look at the news again.  That’s not who we are.  Hell, we are a nation of fighters.  We are a nation of people independent enough to tell people where to get off at, except for this latest generation of milquetoasts who need their safe areas.  We are…A Nation of Hawkeyes.  And now, let me visit the African American boycott of the Oscars.  Oh, Boo-Hoo.  There isn’t one Asian or Hispanic actor crybabying about not being included in the nominations.  Or for that matter, any other white actors who might feel that they were snubbed.  Percentage wise, population comparison over the last 15 years, African Americans have done well at the Oscars:  Denzel Washington; Morgan Freeman; Jamie Foxx; Halle Berry; Forrest Whittaker; please don’t ask me to spell her name but she won for 12 Years a Slave; Twelve Years a Slave wins best picture.  Will Smith nominated two or three times.  All in the last fifteen years.  If Will Smith is angry he wasn’t nominated for Concussion, then don’t act like a sore loser but a good sport.  It isn’t necessarily prejudice that’s causing the Academy to make what some might consider questionable decisions.  I’ve been scratching my head at some of their gems of winners and nominations for decades now.  And if you’re going to get all discrimination minded and cry foul, then you need to get rid of the BET Awards since they totally discriminate against whites, Asians and Hispanics and nominate only African Americans.  There’s the exclusion right there.  And again, I really don’t think it’s so much prejudice as perhaps some really dumb decisions that are made by voters, a lot of it motivated by politics, i.e., the year Tom Hanks won for “Philadelphia” because it was about AIDS and his performance couldn’t hold a candle to someone else’s who was nominated.  I’m so tired of the race card being played; suck it up and smile.

Now to my other opinionated opinion.  It’s about the F word.  I suppose it might be the occasional custom for a father to use that word with a son, although my father never used it with my brother that I know of and we didn’t exactly speak Shakespearean dialogue at home when asking that the salt be passed at table.  But I gotta tell you, when I hear a mother, or hear of a mother using that word in any context with a son, whether he’s grown or not, I really have to put a lid of yelling the T word…Trash!  Really despicable.