Meet T-Boy, the Audubon Zoo nutria amidst carnival regalia.  I don’t know yet if he saw his shadow this morning, but I do know Punxsutawney Phil in PA predicts an early spring.  I live in such a strange place, you know?  Here it was January and I was driving through my neighborhood and there were trees stripped of all leaves in a winter landscape; a maple and crape myrtle tree with leaves that turned red and gold; and then a Japanese magnolia, harbinger of spring loaded with pale rose blossoms.  Here we had autumn, winter and spring all on the same block.

To be frank, awakened yesterday in such pain that when I stood up it was so bad I nearly fell over, something I don’t really need to do.  Flipping the mattress didn’t help.  Sat on the side of the bed and went into my deepest prayer mode possible asking God to help me.  Hobbled to the kitchen hugging one wall, cooked the coffee in the French press, hobbled to the living room and sat painfully down in the recliner, said my rosary and chaplet and turned on the news.  Suddenly, something me change the station to TBN and caught Joyce Meyers talking about the psalms.  When that was finished, I channel surfed through the neighboring Christian channels and my eye fell upon a program that was about to start called, “Christian Fitness.”  I turned it on and it was an exercise program with the Bible thrown in, health tips, etcs.  It’s a married couple and they were using exercise balls to strengthen the core.  Using the ottoman I did some of the exercises, and using a big pillow instead of the ball I don’t have, got on the floor and did lifts with it between my ankles.  Exercised for about fifteen minutes and the pain began to go away completely.  Rummaged through my cabinet where I keep my pills and vitamins came across a forgotten supplement I had, Magnesium, that, according to the label, “promotes bone and muscle health.”  Took two tablets.  Stopped on the way to work and bought mint tea.  I was able to work all day yesterday for the first time without the ortho boot and in cross trainers with very little discomfort.

After supper last night, began following low carbs and a lot of protein and veggies, I settled down in my room to watch the Iowa caucuses returns and kept falling sound asleep, awakening only now and then when some of the candidate speeches started. I mean this was a heavy, deep sleep.  Turned off the light and went into a delicious, heavy deep sleep for nearly all of the night, awakened once or twice, but mostly slept till the alarm went off at 5AM. Got up tentatively…no pain.  No pain!  A slight twinge that passed; made the coffee and watched Christian Healing again, and really loosened up.  Today I am wearing my riding boots once again with hardly any discomfort and I did bring the cross trainers in case, but so far, so good.  And a few days ago, I was ready to give up.  So thank you God, now.