Photo courtesy of Corlis Trepagnier.

Please meet King Ralph.  This photo was snapped today by my coworker.  Now Ralph is the pumpkin I brought to work in the middle of last October.  My coworkers named him Ralph.  Ralph has refused to rot.  Here it is nearly four months later and he is still firm as a new melon, not mushy anywhere and no tell tale aromas of rot wafting.  So, nobody wanted to get rid of him, least of all me.  So, since it is Mardi Gras, I brought my Mardi Gras crown and boa and festooned him for the season.  He has now been crowned as King.  He sits on the ledge over my desk and, thus adorned, seems to brighten everyone’s day.  Corlis said she couldn’t wait to snap a picture for my blog.  I’m very glad she did, fine work, as she aimed her phone at Ralph and I cried, “work it! work it!”